Friday, September 9, 2011

While we could not see it...

We could certainly hear it....

Last night there was a special celebration with the Senegalese families in their compound next door. From about 7-11 a big soiree of people were coming and going - and the music we heard was incredible. For a period of time they had some live African music between the drumming and the singing - it was so melodic.  Unfortunately we were unable to capture a good audio clip from the kitchen window - lot of background noise of the people talking (as one should at a party).

After the the drumming - a different kind of chanting and singing started to take place  with the families - that must have gone on for a good 90 minutes. Because the "chanter" was hooked up to a microphone and a larger speaker was pointed in the direction of the kitchen we were able to capture some of it -- (so after 8 hours -I kid you not between me and Manning, reading, learning, testing and trouble shooting on how to embed an audio clip into a blog and specifically in the the Google Blogger - it came down to one thing in the very end a gosh darn extra space in the file name HTML did not like but of course was totally not obvious to us after staring at the screen for so long - brought back very clearly my days on the help desk for OS/2 at Schwab - I sense some head nodding about now with all you techie friends) - so without further ado -  here's the clip - press play and give it a moment and it will kick in!

We asked the "bonne" about this event and she said it was to celebrate a new baby.  And the African  language being chanted was Wolof the prevalent national Senegalese language spoken - it was obviously an experience we won't forget. 

While I admit I had much angst to start with regards to this apartment  - I also realize how much I'm coming to learn about the richness of what is here in such an impoverished place.


  1. Thanks to you and Manning for taking the time to include this audio clip. ... Valerie

  2. Wow, wonderful music! Did your boys enjoy the drumming? I know my guys would love it! Leilani

  3. Thanks Hilary. What a great way to celebrate a birth!


  4. Leilani-Not sure they really took in the full value of what was happening. Yet we hope to have more opportunities to be up close and personal with other drumming venues (not necessarily with the neighbors) but other organized activities we plan to attend.

  5. Wow, amazing -- how fun!