Monday, September 12, 2011

The Apartment (revisited)

A few more photos of the furnished apartment. I warn you - it is small and compact - but functional and clean. "Le proprietaire",  Monsieur Mr Boubacar Diallo - seems to be an easy going and responsive man  as the landlord - which is nice.  So much so that he has lent us his "bonnes" or "helpers' while he is gone for 3 weeks (a post about this to come)

The apartment could use some sprucing up - some personal touches, perhaps a little color here and there -it's going to be the place we call 'our home' for the next year. And today only confirmed that. We thought school started at 7:50 today so we showed up and apparently on the first day they stagger the times you are to come based on the grade. Not sure how I missed reading that on the website but here we are back at the house while we wait to go back by 10.  Hop, Skip, Jump and we'll be right back at the school tout de suite.  Location, Location, Location!

Our Front Door - with a little deck on the left (off the bedroom) and a little deck on the right (off the living room)


Most important piece of furniture - guitar in the corner!

Master Bedroom (with balcony and desk you can't see)

Boys room - they seem to be fine with it.
Last and Least - The Kitchen


  1. Geeze,guys,looks great! Thanks for taking pictures and sharing... helps to see your home and to think of you there. What an amazing adventure, all of it!
    wendy b

  2. Wendy-Adventure for sure!! As you can see though - there is floor space for any friend who wants to visit. Easy to buy a mat at any corner ;+} - Thanks for coming to read the blog and comment.

  3. Nice little apartment for a year. Love hearing about your adventure. Linda C.

  4. Nice place. It was worth the search and the headaches!


  5. Very charming apartment. Thanks for the photos.


  6. Look forward to seeing Manning's new table in there!

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  8. Thanks everyone - I probably made it worse than it sounds but there was a lot of anxiety for those first 10 days - without any outside agency assistance (like many/most expat, embassy and NGO workers get) - for the apartment and the bank (yet we did get lucky with the one French family who was so helpful regarding the bank) - not to mention the culture shock of arriving. This little place is really in the center of all the things we need to get to on a daily basis. SFMike - as for that table I'm pretty sure Manning considered the design in a way that it can be easily taken apart and brought back to the states ;+}

  9. You've made the apartment quite colorful.
    I like it.

  10. HA HA Tish - that's all of the landlords 'taste' - except our 'library' of books on the bookshelf.