Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rue Felix Faure...(revisited)

Finally a few shots of our street....
Felix Faure - facing East

Rue Felix Faure - facing West

Pathway to our apartment

This is the shared path with the Senegalese families and us - they go straight into their compound and we turn right just past the building on the right to our gate

The first gate we enter
The 2nd gate and passageway ahead and we're almost into our tiny refuge

Courtyard we entered - and looking down from our balcony


  1. Looks nice and clean. .. Valerie

  2. Nice, but what a path to get home!
    In case you haven't researched the name Felix Faure, I send you this link (check his life, and the way he died...) Quite a character in 19th century France!


  3. Hi Hilary! It's Penda!
    I think I lived in that same apartment in the 80's, it looks so familiar! My number was 33, rue ff.
    Anyway,looks like you guys are having fun.