Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Tailleur - Part 1

I've noticed this sign as I've been walking back and forth around the neighborhood

...always wondered who was behind the sign and down the  path...

mainly because I've read that it's easy to find a tailor, find material and have a tailor make you a dress ("la robe") if you have a model. I have a travel dress from Royal Robbins that I like alot and as I see it - shorts are not appropriate to wear here as I'm noticing (as they are mainly reserved for children). While I have plenty of capri pants and short/no sleeve tops which are perfectly acceptable, it's still just too hot and humid -  so a dress with an African print would perhaps fit in a bit better and would provide a little more "air conditioning" I'm convinced - but I digress - and a whole post on clothing will be needed!. The point now is just that I'm aware there is a tailor behind door number #3.  Here's what happens - we have the idea first to go find some material (kind of a mosquito/fly netting - to stave off the critters while the balcony doors and windows are open) so just before we set out we stop at the little magasin in front of the apartment. I'm standing there and Manning is talking to someone. A man is standing next to me - he pulls out a piece of white paper and unrolls it - and shows me a necklace and earrings - "RED FLAG - WARNING" - I say no - he does speak English and French. He then passes me up for Manning and catches a drift of the conversation he is having about the netting and a tailor. He becomes "friendly" with Manning and shakes his hand "RED FLAG- WARNING" -  Manning had not seen him show me the jewelery. He engages with Manning that he either knows someone or he has a shop - not clear.  "RED FLAG - WARNING" - just that we know he wants to take us there - "RED FLAG - WARNING".  I immediately jump in and insist that he give us an address or phone number and we will check later. And that is not necessary to have his help. At that point Manning caught on to the act and we start to walk and he walks with us - continually suggesting he can take us around - clearly we are on to him now, we know how to  (Do The Hustle -click link for previous post) so just about that point we need to get away from him and just at that moment door #3 appears  ( "Le Tailleur" ) and we literally duck into it,  the man walks away and who do we meet behind this door and down the path....

Monsier Ahmadou BA - The Tailor!

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  1. Why was that a red flag? Was he trying to scam you? Sorry, I don't know how it is in Dakar, but I am curious !