Saturday, July 7, 2012

School's Out For Summer

Last day walking to Sainte Jeanne D'arc
School's out for summer
School's out forever
School's been blown to pieces

No more pencils

No more books
No more teacher's dirty looks

Out for summer

Out till fall
We might not go back at all
- Alice Cooper-

Interesting last week at the school. The school calendar given to us in the beginning of the year indicated the school year was to end  Wednesday July 4th. On the previous Monday - all the kids had received their marks as to whether they would advance to the next grade.  Parker and Addison were as delighted as we were to know that was the case for them.  And we are very proud of them for adapting to a new school, new neighborhood, new food, new instruction, new culture, negotiating cars, people, scooters and vendors to walk to school and developing new and memorable friendships.  They really took on alot all at once here!

What we are accustomed too would be a nice winding down of the school year and maybe a final gathering of students, teachers and parents to recognize the class and teacher.  

Parker's Class

Addison's Class

As it turned on Tuesday kids just stopped coming to school once the marks were distributed.  By Wednesday Parkers class was down to 15 from 26  and Friday 7 and Addisons down to 3. They combined classes on Friday and by then - school really was "out".  July 4th really meant nothing in the end except I guess that marked the independence of our good 'ole USA. 

Down to the last group of boys!

Charles, Amadou, Parker, Ibrahiama, Addison and Henri

Security guard who knows every Elementary student's name!

Off to a celebratory lunch!

The perfect "Graduation Lunch" for any American and Senegalese boys - 
Burgers, Fries and Pizza. 


  1. With a lunch like that, who could resist? Seriously, the boys have had a fabulous experience in their year. Do they keep a photo album or journal of their year?

    1. Dwight - I think I had a panini - wasn't in the mood for a burger but next time I may take a 'real' coffee there. Although perhaps with 3 weeks left - it seems like I should just stay the course with Nescafe ;+} - "their" photo album/journal will be the blog. A college friend is going to help me turn it into a book (not to sell but one that can be taken off the bookshelf from time to time) - so it doesn't sit out in cyberspace forever. And because of your question - therefore the effort behind the blog post - "Twenty" ;+}

  2. As always it is fascinating to read your updates! I am delighted to hear that you will be turning this in to an actual book to put on your shelf. What a great way to make a more permanent accou tof your amazing year away!

    1. Jen-thanks for keeping up and posting your comments. I always look forward to what you will write. Yeah - remember I'll have to make two ;+}

  3. I commend the work you've done, and am very curious about how you made it work. I am planning on flying to Dakar to teach English in the Fall, but I still need to work out the logistics. Any recommendations for volunteer or paid positions in the country? Any organizations I can contact?