Saturday, February 18, 2012

What's all this?

"Collectibles" -  of various parts of spent tear gas canisters and  rubber bullet casings  just gathered up by Parker and Addison on Felix Faure and Avenue du President Lamine Gueye - about 5 blocks down the street. Yeah - we discovered that a manifestation was that close in the late afternoon and into the early evening on Friday, February 17th -  but contained.  The story goes like this...  

I went to La Pouponniere like normal around 2:00 after the Muslim Friday prayers. Parker, Addison and Manning were at a friend’s house who actually lives on the Avenue around the corner from Felix Faure (our street).  When the father had to go back to his shop at about 3:00ish – Parker, Addison and Manning left to go to the Royaltine for ice cream then onto the apartment at which time some barricades were going up but Manning said he thought nothing of it (pay attention to this when you watch the video below).  When I finished at La Pouponniere I left a bit later than normal and waited for several bus options that never came. Yet in the meantime I ended up conversing entirely in French with a young woman at the bus stop who was getting her  PhD at the University. And yes I asked her about the current President. She like everyone says he’s too old but never clear on who they do want.  I wave a taxi down and ask him to take me downtown and I give him a certain known landmark (The Cathedrale) which is just easier than the direct street address of our apartment  but it’s not completely clear he knows so I tell him I’ll explain how to go.  As we get closer to downtown I decide rather than the Cathedrale I’ll have him drop me off at Felix Faure and Avenue Jean Jaure which is actually before the Cathedrale and which is sort of parallel to Avenue du President Lamine Gueye.  And I figured I would just walk up the street.  As I start walking I see random people walking towards me wearing surgical masks. I’m like “hmmmm” – “something doesn’t seem right”. But I kept walking  and of course kept seeing more and more people with masks on just up to the corner of Felix Faure and the Avenue Lamine Gueye.