Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flying Through Trees...

with the Greatest of Ease...<sort of>

After about 2 1/2 days of lounging it was time to move a bit, so we arranged for a taxi to take us from Pierre de Lisse to a place 7K away called Accro Baobab Adventure Park -  an obstacle par course among and  through the Baobab trees. Now these trees are so immense they deserve their own post after this one.

There were two courses - based on height -  Parker and Addison were directed to the lower course and Manning and I were directed off to one that was higher up in the trees and as well presented with some challenging transitions between them.  We had done something like this in France during our last home exchange near Toulouse so we were familiar with the concept. I have to add here that before we got started I was thoroughly relieved to see we would be using what would be considered modern equipment - carabiners, belays and harnesses - appropriate climbing gear for what we were doing - okay maybe not top of the line stuff for  El Capitan or Half Dome in Yosemite - but nothing being held together by a paper clip or duct tape like the taxis we find ourselves in.  So basically I had faith that if any of us were to slip in some capacity - we would still be successfully dangling until someone came to our rescue. As well our guide - it was clear was trained in this too - as he gave us the appropriate guidance on how the clips worked and in what order - how to do it - how not to do it -

and he did accompany us along the way, which was different than the course in France - but it was a good thing....

because here I am - yes my legs are dangling-  trying to negotiate my footing on this very difficult section and am holding myself  up with all my upper body strength. Both feet had to be on the wooden bar at the same time to engage in getting your balance. Yet after I got my footing on this one hold - I had twisted myself around on the opposite side and the guide ended up having to rehook my carabiners so I could continue. At the same time we were on the bigger course Parker and Addison were on theirs.


After we finished we thought we would be able to go to the smaller kids course with Parker and Addison. Apparently not. In this park you are only allowed one time through - TOTAL BUMMER. And the price was not worth paying for all of us again - even with the discount they offered up to us. In the courses in France you could go as long as you had the stamina (over and over and over again or until it closed for lunch or the end of the day depending on the time you showed up). It is Africa and things work differently. I suppose people who visit the US say the same thing about something else they have experienced elsewhere.  So in the end we all enjoyed a family photo and some Ataya tea before calling the taxi back to the resort.


 The End of A Great Morning!

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