Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Here's how it went...

From: Hilary Goldman 
To: Manning Sutton 
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 11:26 AM

Did the Mboro school give me some kind of 'admin' access to their blog? I can see it in my list now not just as a 'viewer' but someone who can post, edit, change, and delete their blog posts. Saw a nice one about you!!
From: Manning Sutton 
To: Hilary Goldman 
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 11:32 AM
Subject: Re: Bizaare

Yes, they did !  Pierre thought I might want to blog about things here (english) and it would provide some good color, exposure, etc.

Got the server installed and it boots!  Success!!!!  However, can't quite figure out how to configure it.  The current doc is different than the older server version and I'm not current on my linux skills - like executing commands?  

Anyway, progress.  Quite happy
So there's the cliff notes version of alot of work that has gone on in the last 4 months by Manning. And yes he owes this blog his version of events. I ended up clicking on the link of the blog and saw it's last entry from yesterday - "Hey - that's Manning!". I'm very proud of Manning's tenacity to turn things around for this school and they certainly are too by mention in their blog.  So read below and click on their blog link to leave a comment in English, French, or Wolof! - they would love it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Nous avons bénéficié d'un programme avec OLPC(one laptop per child :un enfant un ordinateur) en 2009,d'ordinateurs XO,qui a très bien fonctionné au début avec un engouement indescriptible de la part des enfants mais suite à des pannes(clavier, écran ,chargeur.....) nous avons eu un petit relâchement car beaucoup d'appareils sont inutilisables car absence de pièces de rechange. En cela un bénévole américain a eu l'information dans internet et étant au Sénégal pour une année il s'est proposé de donner un coup de main.Se basant à Dakar avec sa famille ,MANNING SUTTON vient une ou deux fois par mois pour nous offrir ses services : acte que nous louons. (cf photos)

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  1. hey is good to see you and hear from you and Hilary over the blog. Tis springtime here in good ole CORVALLis but that is only on the calendar; in reality and outside it seems like 40 degree weather accompanied by the ubiquitous falling rain. No desire in this old fart to venture outside and chill my backside. The rain will continue for a couple of says. It is probably better that way cause it will give my body time to heal.....yeah last weekend I had a bike chrash that caused me to visit the local hospital where the duty doc stitched or stapled my left biking is not on my current schedule. That puts me indoors and attempting to catch up with my e-mail...............The only exciting happening at my home for geezers was two nights ago: we have several folks who are borderline dementia cases which makes for sad cases. In this one situation a lady appeared for the evening meal not wearing any pants. The sad part to it all was that she was completely unaware of her state of undress......It makes me wonder if I will ever try to ride my bike sans shorts..................That is the ' Happening of the Week" here at Stoney Brook or what I refer to as "Boney Brook"

    I will close out now as I continue to read over Hilarys Blog. Iam thinking lately that you should make a TV series of your haPPENINGS...........Say hello to the Boys from Bomba........and here is Praise from BOOMBA FROM should really copy your Blog to the Peace Corps......I am certain your affair is doing better than any other US Govt organized outing.

    ...................................................................Love to you all.....Bomba Bob