Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hey, Look Over There...

Where? Over There!

The Sine-Saloum is home to over 600 different species of birds that make it their home either permanently or temporarily passing through over the course of a year. Our visit came at the start of the migration season.  I think spotting 1% isn't bad considering we are not ornithologists. 
Abyssinian Roller

Redbill Hornedbill

Little Egret

  Martin Pescheur Pie (from

Eurasian Oyster Catcher

A close up look  - image captured from the web

Grey Heron


  1. What about ducks? Any ducks? (I don't suppose they have roadrunners there, do they?)

    1. No ducks - but we saw a few pelicans - were not able to capture on film but we've got a chance next week when we hope to visit National Park Djoudj. No Roadrunners, Bugs Bunnies or Wild Coyotes either.

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