Thursday, December 22, 2011


Let's be clear there are no cooties here!   Honestly - I'm glad it's someone else!  I know what's involved in the hair treatment and the cleaning of the clothes and bedding - last thing I want to take on here ;+} -  And anyway- lately our attention seems to be on that one pesky mosquito we have to contend with in the evenings - zzzzzzzzzzzzzz - WHAP!


The latest clients of  Manning's "man on the street coiffure" (Click here if you want the original story)

Me - on the other hand - went for  'the salon' in my neighborhood and got my hair cut by Evelynne -  and she was doing a great job until that last extra snip of my bangs. Oh well - nothing a few weeks won't fix (thankfully).   Maybe next time I gamble on the "man on the street".