Saturday, October 8, 2011

High Tech Holiday...

Joke for the High Holidays...
A Jewish sailor was shipwrecked on a desert island and the first thing he did was build two synagogues....
 Years later when he was rescued people were bewildered and asked him: Why he built two synagogues... to which he replied.
"Oh that other one... I would NEVER go there!"

As it turned out there was no there. To follow up on a previous post regarding my first attempt to contact the Embassy regarding the Jewish holidays. Well I followed up a few more times and all my e-mail attempts either fell on deaf ears or went directly to their spam filter. I realize too I could have actually called the Embassy but truth is I really thought I'd have an easier time with e-mail. And I figured using my personal e-mail with the last name of "Goldman" I just might get a response. Mmmmmm.  I'm not bothered, mad or disappointed that they never replied. Things work differently here. As the old adage says - nothing ventured nothing gained.  So turns out in preparing this post on a whim I typed in "high holiday services online" and sure enough - found an archived recording of a service from Rabbi Levy of  Nashuva that took place on Friday night. According to the --> Levy’s high-energy services combine charismatic preaching, traditional prayer and meditation, along with a heavy infusion of musical styles, from reggae to klezmer, performed by the Nashuva band. 

I'll just watch it this week at my leisure and in comfort - and yes, likely with a cup of coffee and a croissants aux amandes.
Better late then never ;+}

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  1. Happy New Year! From Martha, Charles, Lauren, and Julia.