Friday, August 26, 2011

Make New Friends...

...and keep the old....;+}

What a way to make an introduction - at breakfast - when one of the twins rested a bowl of dry cereal on the buffet and knocked it over - spilling it and breaking the bowl. A mother - with her two girls - looked over and nodded with a sweet smile.  We introduced ourselves learning they were a French family just now arriving to live in Dakar for at least 2 years. All of us getting a  handle on this new city and country - so different from their origins in France and the same with us from the US.  Of course the best part of the conversation was discovering - our children - while not the same ages - would all be attending the same French/Senegalese school in the neighborhood.  What a relief to know just one family!   And now in just 3 days Parker and Addison want to either swim or play games with their new friends - who only speak French!  And speaking of games - much credit goes to Irene and Marien.  It was Irene who suggested packing a bag of games (that was 1 of the 7 bags) and Marien who threw in a last minute 12 in 1 game box of which just so happened to be 12 more games *not* in our original stash.  So as you can see - they've already come in handy!!  And of course a game given to us by Mike and Corina just waiting to be played called Ticket To Ride. They told us it was addicting. We'll find out soon enough.

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